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Facility Rental
Facility Rental

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Facility Rental

To: Community Groups Using Hudson Bay Community School 

This memo is regarding the usage of Hudson Bay Community School.  Your responsibility regarding the usage of the facility are as follows: 

  • NESD No. 200 Facility Rental Form must be completed.
  • HBCS Facility Rental Fee Form must be completed. 
  • Once forms are received the group or club will be notified of rental approval. 
  • Rental and Janitorial fees must be paid prior to rental date. 
  • Arrangements must be made for access to keys prior to event.
  • If using risers, please make arrangements with admin team prior to event.
  • See admin team regarding alarm. 
  • Auditorium seats 401 people
  • You are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the facility as it was when you entered. 
  • Food/drinks are not allowed in the auditorium. 
  • Remember you are responsible for anyone who enters the building if you leave the door open, therefore you will want to lock the doors after all your participants are in.  Please make sure your appointed supervisor is the last to leave and has locked the doors.   There will be an alarm fee charged to the club or group, if doors are left unlocked and alarm is set off. 
  • All individuals in the school during a fire alarm evacuate immediately. 
  • We do not allow smoking in our building or anywhere on our school grounds.
  • There is no access to the rest of the school unless arrangements are made with either the Principal or Vice Principal.  Washroom beside elevator can be used. 
  • All renters must be out of the building before 11:00 pm. 
  • Please remember that the school is a community building that must be treated with respect, or the school can choose to take that right away from those who do not follow the required guidelines. 



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312 Hamjea Street, Box 1268, Hudson Bay, SK, S0E 0Y0 1-306-865-2515

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